Joi-Cyst Aruvdic Syrup

This syrup helps in eliminating the watery neoplasia in the uterus.

JOi -CySt Ayurvdic Syrup .
**Manjstha Anantmool
**Bala **
Brahni Shankhpushp*
**Ashok Cha **
Shweta Musili 900mg
**Ashwagandha **
Dhai Ke Phool Daruharidra*
**Yasht Madhu **
Gudha Phool Nagarmotha **Gorakhmund **Shatavar **
Plash Pushp
** Serbitol **
**Honey **
**Sugar **
** Removing Cyst. Woman typically perience mood we Ange Stress Hadache and pen and ther disturtances month ater month JO-CYST has teen formulated with herts that in Aureda are know to address and prode eieving these very probles and symptoms JO-CYST discomfert during those dficut day hery

This Ayurvedic medicine has no side effects.

Note :- to be taken under medical supervision In this syrup,

200 ml

M. R.P 190/Rs
( inclusive of all tax)

Contact :-
9992104774 w on.9992104774

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